Our Goals

Our Primary Goal is to Serve our Clients by Providing:

A pleasant and safe place to learn
Individualized and evidence based programming founded on the methodologies of ABA
Trained and skilled staff who are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Up to date and evidence-based assessments
Intensive Table Teaching (ITT) rooms designed to effectively teach skills one-on-one
Natural Environment Teaching (NET) opportunities to increase socialization skills and generalize skills taught in ITT
Low ratio group therapy to client’s who meet the goals required to participate
School skills integration to ease the transition to a classroom setting
Generalization of skills to the home and community
Resources and training for parents, siblings, and other family members
Social supports for families
Open communication with families
High quality services that have the best interests of clients and families in mind
Services that meet the ethical requirements set out by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board