Our Center


ABA Connections is located at:

190 Colonnade Road, Unit #15

Ottawa, Ontario

K2E 7J5


Our 4,000 square foot center includes:

  • A gross motor room designed to encourage gross motor activity (such as running, jumping, parachute play, etc.) and social games (such as duck, duck, goose, tag, hide n' seek, etc.
  • A play room designed to encourage creativity and independent play through pretend play, close-ended play, and theme-based play.
  • A group therapy room that mimics a classroom environment and helps transition clients from 1:1 therapy to a low-ratio environment
  • Ten individual therapy rooms are designed to limit distractions and allow for more structured and contrived learning
  • A large group room allows clients to come together for group learning activities, arts & crafts, sensory play, snack/lunch and other social opportunities
  • A small group room is used to facilitate small group activities such as circle time, peer play, and other social interactions
  • Two client washrooms equipped with visuals and supports to promote independence
  • A boardroom to facilitate parent meetings and training