Spring 2020

ABA Connections is announcing our new Virtual Spring 2020 Social Groups! 


For more information please contact Samantha Joyce, our Group and Youth Coordinator, by clicking here!

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Zones of Regulation

If adults are feeling big emotions in these unprecedented times, so are kids. This social and physical distance brings new challenges. We must learn new coping strategies and practice ways to self-regulate.

Zones of Regulation is a framework designed to teach self-regulation and emotional control. This program can help participants recognize when they are in each “zone” and provide tools and strategies to help them cope with challenging emotions. These skills are useful in all environments and will be a great addition to your child’s toolbox after physical distancing measures have ended.

Topics explored: emotional terms, reading facial expressions, recognizing emotions, perspective taking, recognizing triggers to behaviour, calming strategies and problem solving skills.

First Week –                     Creating Wall Posters of the Zones; Zones Bingo

Second Week –           Expected and Unexpected Behaviours; Our Behaviour Impacts the Feelings of Those Around Us; Good Thoughts vs. Uncomfortable Thoughts

Third Week –                  The Zones in Me; Me in my Zones

Fourth Week –             My Zones Across the Day; Caution! Triggers Ahead

Fifth Week –                    Exploring Sensory Support Tools; Exploring Tools for Calming; Exploring Tools – Thinking Strategies

Sixth Week –                   The Toolbox; When to Use Yellow Zone Tools; Stop and Use a Tool


At a Glance:

Zones of Regulation: Monday’s & Thursday’s, Ages 6-14, May 4th – 21st, 2020, 2-3pm, $90


Coping with Anxiety

Is your child struggling with increased anxiety amid the COVID-19 crisis? Would your adolescent benefit from practical tools and coping strategies to manage their worries? Coping with Anxiety is a specialized program designed for kids with big worries. For children and youth 8-15 years old, this virtual group is for those who need support managing their anxiety in an unpredictable world. The skills taught in this group are tools for use during isolation and will continue to be useful after social distancing measures have ended.

Topics explored: anxiety, feelings words, managing fears, body reactions, coping strategies, building a toolbox


At a Glance:

Coping with Anxiety: Tuesday’s & Friday’s, Ages 8-15, May 5th – 22nd, 2020, 2-3pm, $90

Teens in Quarantine

Are you struggling to manage your teen’s time during social distancing? Are you worried about their habits, screen time, and lack of exercise? This 4-week program is designed to teach simple practices that can create structure in your teen’s day and focuses on screen time, eating habits, exercise, and healthy living. With interactive learning activities, your teen will have the opportunity to connect with peers and develop a routine that works for them.

Topics explored: adapting to the “new normal”, social media safety, gaming guidelines, healthy habits, developing a routine, nutrition and exercise

First Week –                     Social Media & Gaming

Second Week –           Healthy Habits & Eating

Third Week –                  Body & Movement


Fourth Week –             Building your Routine


At a Glance:

Teens in Quarantine: Wednesday’s, Ages 10-17, May 6th – 27th, 2020, 2-3pm, $60


Socially Distant

As we continue to physically distance ourselves, we’re getting creative with how we connect to one another!

ABA Connections is offering a new social group to keep your kids social while we are distant. Introducing Socially Distant – a virtual social group for children and youth to meet, connect, and play during social distancing. Running weekly with three age groups, this program encourages participants to meet new friends, connect over a virtual platform, and have fun! 

All groups will use Zoom video conferencing and cost $15 per session. Group fees must be paid before the start time to receive a link to connect to the group. Contact our Group Coordinator to discuss which group is the best fit for your child and join us in May!

Note: Our age groups are based on skill and communication level before actual age. With that in mind, this is an outline of the groups:


At a Glance:

Intermediate (Ages 5-8) Tuesdays 3:30 to 4:30pm

Advanced (Ages 9-13) Wednesdays 3:30 to 4:30pm

Teen (Ages 14-17) Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30pm