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Prospective Clients

At ABA Connections we understand how important choosing the right ABA provider is for your child’s success. It is for this reason that we have developed a step-by-step process to help guide families through every aspect of their services.
1. Intake
A face-to-face, virtual, or phone meeting will be arranged between family members and our Director of Client Services to discuss needs, goals, schedules and more.
Families will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions to learn about our policies and procedures, and determine whether ABA Connections is a good fit for you, your family, and your child.
Once the meeting is complete, families will be provided with additional information regarding securing a spot
2. Initial Assessment
Once ABA Connections has received all necessary paperwork and a start date has been confirmed, your child will be assigned a Senior Therapist, who will become your mail point of contact, and ABA Therapist(s).
An initial assessment will be conducted to determine treatment goals, level of need, and learner profile based on the goals and needs outlined in the intake paperwork and in combination with clinical observations by the clinical team.
The initial assessment typically takes 4 weeks to complete however is entirely dependent on scheduling, level of need and goals. Families will remain up-to-date on the assessment process and have the option of deciding when to complete an assessment.
3. Treatment Planning
The results of the initial assessment will be used to create a detailed report that will summarize the findings of the assessment. These results will be used to develop an individualized ABA program for your child.
A parent meeting will be scheduled with your child’s Senior Therapist and ABA Connections’ Clinical Director to review the findings, discuss domains and goals to address, learn about teaching strategies and plan the next steps of action.
Once you are happy with the treatment plan, therapy will begin focus on activities and strategies to achieving meaningful and significant change. 



4. Therapy, Data Collection and Ongoing Supervision
Therapy sessions and activities throughout those sessions will be developed and implemented based on the treatment plan goals and may include a combination of natural environment teaching, intensive table teaching, group activities and life skills. 
Data is collected throughout sessions on all programming and reviewed and analyzed by ABA Connections clinical team. This allows for programming to be flagged for consultation, programs to be mastered and goals to be tracked.

All clients of ABA Connections will have regular program updates, videos of treatment and team meetings to ensure high quality therapy is provided and clients are progressing in all areas of treatment. These program lists and videos are made available for parents.

Based on the frequency of therapy sessions, the ABA Connections clinical team will conduct regular supervision based on ethical guidelines, research and best practice. These consultations may involve in-person observations, video reviews, data analysis, inter-professional collaboration or meetings with parents. 


5. Reassessment and Progress Report
Every six months, or earlier depending on assessments chosen, your child will be reevaluated to ensure programming and goals are relevant, meaningful, and accurate.

A reassessment consists of completing a background questionnaire, administering the same or a new assessment and the creation of a report to summarize the findings. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the results, review progress, and assess goals.  

Once you are happy with the treatment plan, therapy will begin focus on activities and strategies to achieving meaningful and significant change. 

Ready to book your Intake Meeting?

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